CPL Research


Research activities of the CWRU Cognitive Phonetics Lab focus on both speech-pathology-centered and interdisciplinary projects:

1) Research on coarticulation and articulatory movements coordination, in children with phonological disorders, in English and Italian (carried out in collaboration, respectively, with the Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center and with the Center for Research and Therapy for Fluency, Voice and Speech Disorders (Centro Ricerca e Cura Balbuzie e Disturbi della Voce e del Linguaggio, Rome, Italy)).

2) Analysis of intonation patterns expressing attitudes and emotions, in collaboration with the GIPSA-Lab, (Grénoble, France) and with the Laboratory for Applied Research in Cognitive Semiotics. Applications of this research are oriented towards improvement of diagnostics and treatment for dysprosodies and of naturalness of synthetic speech.


3) Development of a prototype control system for a robot wheelchair driven by speech commands, in collaboration with the Mobile Robotics Lab (CWRU Electrical Engineering and Computere Science Department), (see video of preliminary tests).