Research assistant positions

Want to come work for the lab? Possibly even get paid? You can learn how to conduct behavioral research, edit digital video and use tools for speech and gesture transcription and analysis. This kind of research experience is highly valued by employers in a variety of fields and by graduate programs in cognitive science, psychology, linguistics, communications, computer science...etc. Download the application form (a fillable pdf) and e-mail it to parrilllabATgmailDOTcom.

Be aware that students who have taken COGS 327 will receive preference. This course trains students in gesture analysis, and it is rare that students without this experience are hired to work in the lab. In other words, if you're interested in this area of research, plan to take the course.


What's it like to work for the lab?

Working in the lab is great. This experience provides an introduction to all steps of the research process. You are involved in every aspect including: helping to design and write studies, recruiting participants, running participants, capturing data and coding data. Most lab work is completed independently, on your own time, which helps to further develop time management and communication skills. This research assistant position is well suited for anyone looking to work with human participants, especially if you're interested in cognitive science, linguistics or gestures. Noel Hanzel.

The best experience of my undergraduate career has been working in the lab. I love the fact that the assistants have a hand in the entire process of running the lab. In particular, data manipulation and analysis is extremely interesting from both an academic perspective and a practical perspective. You don't notice how prevalent the use of gestures is in everyday life and how it affects communication. I can't get it out of my head! Mary Kim.