COGS 327: Gesture in Cognition and Communication

Interested in gesture? Enroll in COGS 327! In the course (typically offered in the spring) you will read and discuss primary research articles, engage in hands-on analysis assignments, and conduct a research project in which you collect your own data! Find out why one former student says, "This course is, without question, the best course I have ever taken during my time at Case Western Reserve University."

Course Description: Most people never notice that when they are talking, they're also gesturing. Why do we produce these gestures? What's their function? What can studying them tell us about the human mind? This course tackles these questions with a survey of scientific research on gesture. We will explore topics such as the role gesture plays in communication, whether gesture can help us think, and differences in gesture from culture to culture. Students will gain hands-on experience with gesture analysis by carrying out a small-scale project.