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Friday, April 25

Prof. Mario De Caro, Department of Philosophy, University of Rome "Roma Tre" "Dimensions of Consciousness: Problems and Perspectives", 1-3 pm, 618 Crawford Hall.



Wednesday, January 17

Prof. Osamu Fujimura, Professor Emeritus, Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences, The Ohio State University "Symbolic representation in language and biology", 4-5pm, 618 Crawford Hall.

Wednesday, February 7

Dr. Lawrence Zbikowski. Wednesday, 7 February 2007. 4-5pm. 618 Crawford Hall. Title: "Music, Gesture, and Musical Grammar." Lawrence Zbikowski is Associate Professor of Music, University of Chicago. Website:, "Music, Gesture, and Musical Grammar", 4-5pm, 618 Crawford Hall.


FALL 2006
Tuesday, September 19

Prof. P. A. Brandt, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures “A program for stemmatic representation of grammatical structure ”, Guil B03, 12 pm.