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Principal Investigator

Hoxb6CreRREn1CreRR SkinE10.5 En1CreRRE9.5En1CreRR E8.5Tcflef

Education and Training:

Postdoctoral Fellowships:

January ’02 to Dec ‘04: Dept. of Genetics, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH. In the lab of Ron Conlon.

June ’99 to Dec. ’01: Dept. of Developmental Genetics, Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute, New York, NY. In lab of Lee Niswander.

Ph.D. Dept. of Molecular Developmental Biology, University of Cincinnati, 1999
Dissertation: “Skin Wound Healing Paradigms in Neurofibromatosis Type I Mutant Mice.” Mentor: Dr. Nancy Ratner

B.S.  1993, Biology , Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA
Suma Cum Laude


Professional Positions :

2005- present:  Warren E. Rupp Assistant. Prof., Dept. of Biology, Case Western Reserve University.

2006- present:  Assistant Prof., Secondary Appointment, Dept. of Genetics, Case Western Reserve University.

2007- present: Assistant Prof., Secondary Appointment, Dept. of Dermatology, Case Western Reserve University.

Research Interests:

1. How does a cell know to become a dermal cell of the skin?
2. What are the signaling factors that instructs a cell to become a dermal cell?
3. What is the genetic program for dermal cell identity?

Special Interests:

Tandem bicycling, gardening, ceramics, cooking, reading the NY Times/NewYorker.


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