Department of Art History and Art

Department of Art History and Art Doctoral Degree Schedule

Recommended Schedule for the Doctoral Degree in Art History


Semester 1: Take 9 credit hours of coursework (3 must be ARTH 495, Methodology)

Semester 2: Take 9 additional credit hours of coursework

Complete 2nd foreign language requirement (normally German)


Semester 3: Prepare for written and oral Ph.D. exams

Draft of major and minor exam bibliographies due to advisor (exam fields to be chosen by student with advisor and submitted in writing for full faculty approval)

Begin 701 registration (5 year time clock begins)

Take major and minor exams (written and oral defense) if ready

Semester 4: Submit final exam bibliographies

Take Major and Minor exams (written questions and oral defense) if not taken in Semester 3


Semester 5: Dissertation Committee formed by advisor in consultation with student

Write, submit and defend a dissertation proposal; register proposal in Art Bulletin; begin research; apply for grants

Present dissertation proposal at Art for Lunch

Semester 6 (or 7): Primary and secondary source research (travel to foreign libraries or conduct interviews if required)


Semester 7: Continue research and submit at least one chapter of dissertation

Apply for grants

Semester 8 (-12): Submit and revise additional chapters
Final Semester of Degree (no later than semester 12 in order to satisfy the Graduate School's five year limit after initial 701 registration): Submit final draft of complete dissertation

Schedule defense of dissertation according to graduate school calendar deadline dates

Pass oral defense of dissertation

Complete additions and corrections to dissertation in time to meet deadline for May graduation

Doctoral students need to register for at least 1 credit of 701 each semester after course work is complete. Students must register for a total of 18 credits of 701 by the semester they plan to graduate. Students must be registered in the final semester prior to graduation. After the five-year limit, students must petition the Graduate School for an extension and are required to register for 3 sustaining credits per additional semester. Students who have been advanced to candidacy and have met all coursework requirements, including 18 credit hours of 701, and are within their five-year time limit for completion of the degree, but have not completed the dissertation, can register for Dissertation Fellowship (702) upon department recommendation. The full-time appointment (9 credit hours of 702) is available for a maximum of four consecutive semesters, and tuition is charged at the rate of one credit hour. If the dissertation is not completed and defended in the fourth semester of the fellowship , the fellow must resume registration for course 701 at a minimum of one credit hour each semester through the allowed five-year time limit. The department cannot cover any 701 credits beyond the 18 required for the degree.

All 701 tuition remissions are competitively awarded, and students must be making timely progress toward the degree in order to continue to qualify. Each student will be told what progress is expected in a given year in an award letter that will be mailed during the prior spring semester. Advisors will need to verify compliance in order for the department to continue to cover 701 tuition. Students may apply for a leave of absence in an extraordinary situation, but five-year time clocks are not affected, unless the purpose of the leave is maternity/paternity.

Additional Requirements for Ph.D. in Art History and Museum Studies

Semester 2: Courses taken must include ARTH 490 (Museum Studies)

Semester 3-4:Register for ARTH 610A-B (Museum Internships) and complete internship requirements