Department of Art History and Art

CMA/Case Western Joint Program in Art History

Ph.D. Degrees
1970 - present

Martha Limback Carter, A Study of Dionysiac Imagery in Kushan Art

Robert Harold Getscher, James McNeill Whistler's Views of Venice

Mary Louis Shipley, Color-Appearance Modification of Texture

Roger Anthony Welchans, The Art Theories of Washington Allston and William Hunt

Theron Bowcutt Butler, Giulio Mancini's "Considerations on Painting" Emma Devaprian, Influence of Western Art on Mughal Painting

Mindaugas Masvytis, The Work of M.K. Ciurlionis in Relation to His Period

Thomas Eugene Donaldson, Sculptural Decoration on Hindu Temples of Orissa

Anthony Steven Calarco, Commemorative Monuments in Sixteenth Century Italy

William J. Chiego, Jr., The Influence of Carle and Horace Vernet on the Art of Theodore Gericault

Arthur Frederick Jones, Regional Impressionism in Kentucky: The Art of Paul Sawyer

Sara Jane Pearman, The Iconographic Development of Cruciform Throne of Grace from the Twelfth to Sixteenth Century

Norman Eugene Magden, J. Milton Dyer, Architect

Paul Grootkerk, The Wedding of Peleus and Thetis in Art and Literature of the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Diane Graybowski Scillia, Gerard David and Manuscript Illumination in the Low Countries 1480-1509

Arlene Rita Olson, Art Critics and Criticism as Found in the Daily Press of New York City at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

Ivana Spalatin , Art Towards a Definition of Naive Art: A Study of Three Yugoslav Painters

Wendy Elizabeth Wood, Early Wooden Tomb Sculpture in Ancient Egypt

Henry John Anthony Kleinheinz, Pre-Ming Porcelains in the Chinese Ceramics Collection of The Cleveland Museum of Art

Scott Allan Sullivan, The Dutch Game Piece

Carolyn Kinder Carr, Aspects of Iconography of St. Peter in Western Art to the Thirteenth Century

Linda York Leach, Catalogue of Indian Miniatures in The Cleveland Museum of Art

Jane Glaubinger, The Etchings of Eugene Delacroix

Charlotte Rider Long, The Twelve Gods in Greek and Roman Art

Carol Canda Clark, Thomas Moran's Watercolors of the American West

Elayne Genishi Garrett, The British Sources of American Luminism

Sheila Coffin Bills, A Chronological Study of Sino-Tibeta Metal Sculpture "1260-1450"

Karen Smith, Constantin Guys: A Chronological and Stylistic Analysis of His Work

Ho-Mei Ishida, Wang Fu and the Formation of the Wu School of Painting

David Ditner, 17th and 18th Century European Sculpture in The Cleveland Museum of Art

Roslynne Valerie Wilson, Anatomical Illustrations from Ketham to Vesalius

William Houston Robinson, 'A Cloud in Pants' Adja Yunkers: Icons to Abstract Expressionism

Geraldine Wojno Kiefer, Alfred Stieglitz and Science, 1880-1910

Holly Rarick Witchey, Pinturicchio's Saint Bernardinao of Siena Frescoes in the Bufalini Chapel, S. Maria in Aracoeli, Rome: An Observant Franciscan Commentary of the Late Fifteenth Century

Mark Deka, Images of Scylla and Riding Nereids in the Tondo Reliefs of the Hellenistic Period

Laura Gelfand, 15th Century Netherlandish Devotional Portrait Diptychs: Origins and Function

Stephen Kostyshyn, "Door tsoecken men vindt': A Reintroduction to the Life and Work of Peeter Baltens alias Custodis of Antwerp (1527-1584)

James Ulak, Fukutomi Zoshi: The Genesis and Transmutations of a Medieval Japanese Scatological Tale

Mary Allen Porter, The Draftmanship of Jacopo Chimenti Da Empoli

Cathy Thomas, Domenico Cresti, Il Passignano (1559-1639) and the Roman Rinascità: Studies in His Religious Paintings for Rome between 1589 and 1616

Joseph Bliss, The History of the Collection of Early European Bronzes at the Minineapolis Institute of Arts: A General Survey of the Collection with Critical Essays on Selected Bronzes from the Italian Renaissance and Baroque Periods

Nancy Stillwagon Carstensen, Edmund C. Tarbell's Paintings of Women in Interiors: Paintings as Moral Metaphors

James Janson, Fifteenth Century Independent Flemish Portraiture: Origins, Development and Influences

Daniel Sachs, Alfred Thompson Bricher and the Representation of Seaside Tourism, 1871-1908

Anne Swartz, Psychosexual Strategies of Enclosure: Re-reading Bourgeois and Hesse

Donna Cottrell, Birds, Beast and Blossoms: Form and Meaning in Jan Van Eyck's Cloths of Honor

Stanton Thomas, Forging the Missing Links: Robert Campin and Byzantine Icons

Jeffrey Grove, Robert Mapplethorpe's Self-Portraits

Jeannine O'Grody, Un Semplice Modello: Michelangelo and his Three Dimensional Preparatory Works

Henrietta Silberger, The Iconology of the Massacre of the Innocents in Late Quattrocento Sienese Art

Patrick Cable, Questions of Class, Gender, Work, and Style in the Art and Life of Gustave Caillebotte

Margaret Goehring, Landscape in Late 15th-Early 16th Century Franco-Flemish Manuscript Illumination

Sara Meng, Caricature, Modernity, and Artistic Identity: Peggy Bacon Between the World Wars

Lisa Kiefer, The Iconography of the Visitation in Italian Renaissance Art

Roger Mandle, Aesthetics and Exhortations: Dutch Artists' Academies in the Eighteenth Century

Gene Veronesi, Domenico Morone and the Decoration of the Sagramoso Library in the Church of San Bernardino, Verona

Erin Webster, Marcus Gheeraerts the Elder adn the Language of Art: Images with Text in the Elizabethan Renaissance

Todd Herman, Critical (mis) Fortunes and “Period Eyes:” Assessing the Career of Bonifazio di Patati in 16th Century Venice

Lloyd Ellis, Raffaello Borghini's Il Riposo: A Critical Study and Annotated Translation

Siobhán Conaty, Italian Futurism: Gender, Culture, and Power

Nancy Clay Marsteller, Sir Edward John Poynter and His Paintings of the Female Nude: Influences and Ideals

Virginia Spivey, Performing Relationships: Gendered Subjectivity in the Work of Robert Morris

James Ellis, The Fourteenth Street School

Juilee Decker, The Possibilities of Print: John Constable, English landscape , and the chiaroscuro of nature

Patricia Richmond, Gender and the Forms of Modernism: Dancers and Painters

Bradley Bailey, Duchamp's Chess Identity: 1916-1923

Jennifer Finkel, Michelangelo at San Lorenzo: The Tragedy of the Façade

Amy Gilman, Organizing Art: Information Theory and Conceptual Art - A Case Study of the "Xeroxbook”  Exhibition 

Susan Martis, Famous and Forgotten: Rodin and Three American Contemporaries  

Karen Edwards, Rethinking the Reinstallation of the Studiolo of Francesco I de' Medici in the Palazzo Vecchio

Aimee Marcereau DeGalan, Dangerous Beauty: Painted Canvases and Painted Faces in Eighteenth-Century Britain

Michael Weil, Stieglitz's Dream, O'Keefe's Reality: The Stieglitz Collections in American Museums

Jenni Drozdek, Life and Chimera: Framing Modernism in Poland

Total Ph.D. Degrees - 72