Department of Art History and Art

Henry Adams

EDUCATION, Harvard University, B.A. l97l with Honors in Fine Arts
Yale University, M.A. l977, Ph.D. l980 in Art History

TEACHING POSITIONS, 1997: Professor of American Art, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH; October 1996: Visiting professor, Department of Art History, Colorado College, Colorado Springs (three week block); 1984 to 1993: Adjunct Professor of Art History, the University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas; and (from 1989) Adjunct Professor, University of Missouri, Kansas City; 1982 to 1984: Adjunct Professor, Department of Fine Arts, University of Pittsburgh; l98l to l982: Assistant Professor of Art History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; l977 to l978: Visiting Lecturer, Wesleyan University; l977: Teaching Assistant, Yale University.

EMPLOYMENT 1997: Curator of American Art, The Cleveland Museum of Art; 1996: Interim Director, The Kemper Museum of Art, Kansas City, Missouri; 1994 to 1995, Director, The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, Jacksonville, Florida; l984 to 1993, Samuel Sosland Curator of American Art, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Missouri; l982 to l984, Curator of Fine Arts, Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute.

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GRANT APPLICATIONS 27 successful grant applications for publications and exhibitions, totalling, $1,995,049, including 5 successful applications to the NEH, 2 to the NEA, 3 to the Luce Foundation for American Art, and 2 to the Kress Foundation.

OTHER ACTIVITIES Member: College Art Association, Association of Historians of American Art. Corresponding Member, Massachusetts Historical Society (elected April l2, l990). Listed: Who's Who , Who's Who in American Art , Who's Who in the South and Southwest , Dictionary of International Biography , Contemporary Authors , Writer's Directory , International Who's Who of Professionals , and International Authors and Writers Who's Who. Reader: American Studies , The University of Kansas, Lawrence; The Art Bulletin ; George Braziller, Inc.; Cambridge University Press; The Getty Grant Program; Great Plains Quarterly , The University of Nebraska, Lincoln; The University of Kansas Press; The University of Missouri Press; The University of Nebraska Press; The Pennsylvania State University Press; The University of Pittsburgh Press; Smithsonian Institution Press; The University of Virginia Press; The Winterthur Portfolio ; The Yale University Press. Panelist: National Endowment for the Arts (August l9-2l, l986, and February 7-8, 1991)) and National Endowment for the Humanities (January 23, 24, l985 and 1995). Outside reviewer for NEH, spring 1992. Museum Accreditation Committee, AAM, March 1995, May 1998. Cited in Christie's and Sotheby's sales catalogues, for paintings by John La Farge and Thomas Hart Benton. 1992, listed, "The Great Experts," Art News , September 1992, page 93.

AWARDS l989, William F. Yates Distinguished Service Medallion, William Jewell College , Liberty , Missouri , for the betterment of life in Kansas City and the Midwest . Convocation, August 3l, l989.) l985, Arthur Kingsley Porter Prize of the College Art Association for the best article published in The Art Bulletin by a scholar at the beginning of his or her scholarly career. Awarded to "John La Farge's Discovery of Japanese Art: A New Perspective on the Origins of Japonisme." This was the first time the award, which has been bestowed annually since l957, was awarded either to an Americanist or to a museum curator. l980, Frances Blanshard Prize, Yale University , for the best doctoral dissertation in Art History. ("John La Farge, l835-l9l0: From Amateur to Artist," 455 pp.)