Get the Facts

Check out these sites for quality information about staying healthy.

Find out information about health statistics, events, and services in your neighborhood.


Maintained by the Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development, this site contains accessible data regarding Cleveland property, economy, health, and social topics.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The CDC provides relevant information, reports, multimedia tools, and up-to-date information about all things health.

HPV.COM - Get The Facts

Facts about the human papilloma virus (hpv).

Teen Health

Sex, Etc.

This is a website by teens for teens where students can discuss topics of sex, parenting, body image, alcohol and drugs and many other issues. A great place to find out directly what teens think about such matters.


A site for teens that serves as an online resource for questions regarding relationships, health, body and sexuality. TeenHealthFX is easily navigated and worth checking out as a window to current attitudes and trends regarding adolescent health issues.


This is a site constructed for teens but is worthy of some study by those working with young people. The site's major theme is anti-drug information, stories and discussion. Information on common drugs and effects is listed, as are stories about bad drug experiences, pop culture and media literacy.

Amplify Your Voice

Looking for information about LGBTQ lifestyles? This site full of relevant informaiton for any LGBTQ individual or ally. It also contains a searchable database of local resources.

What else is on your mind?

Something Fishy

One of the more well-rounded sites dealing with eating disorders.  A great source of well researched information.

Bully Free

Bully Free is a site committed to preventing and stopping bullying in all environments (i.e., schools, workplaces, etc.). Their goal is to promote the Golden Rule everywhere. Great site for parents, educators, and youth workers striving to create bully free environments.

The Ophelia Project

The Ophelia Project serves youth and adults who are affected by relational and other non-physical forms of aggression by providing them with a unique combination of tools, strategies and solutions. To achieve long-term systemic change, they help build capabilities to measurably reduce aggression and promote a positive, productive environment for all. They are dedicated to creating safe social climates.

Diary Project

Self-billed as a “global multimedia resource that encourages teens to write about their day-to-day experiences growing up,” this is a site where teens can share their innermost secrets and feelings “with honesty, openness and connectedness” anonymously. The thousands of entries in 24 categories offer a compelling window into youth culture.

Day of Purity

Day of purity is striving to promote purity in mind and actions especially among today's youth. This website encourages youth to partake in the national day of purity where they can take a stand and make a public demonstration of their commitment to remain sexually pure, in mind and actions, until marriage.