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J. Glen Smith

When We Talk About STDs, We Keep It Confidential

Teen NightDid you know teenagers have the highest rates of sexually transmitted infections in Cleveland?

Do you know your status?

Find out what you don't know during Teen Night, which is held every Tuesday from 4 – 8 p.m. at the J. Glen Smith Health Center. Our peer educators are teens, just like you, and they'll be there to help answer your questions.

The Health Center is located right next to Glenville High at 11100 St. Clair Avenue. Stop by the Reproductive Health Clinic in Room 219. You can just ask questions or get a checkup while you're there.

Teen Night Tuesdays is cosponsored by the Infectious Diseases Alliance (ID Alliance) at Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Department of Public Health. All visits are confidential and all are welcome to attend, especially teens.

Peer educators who work at the clinic have received training in STI prevention and education. They hone their skills by facilitating workshops for other local youth and by participating in health-related events throughout Cleveland.

Teen Night is about feeling confident and comfortable, respecting yourself and those you care about, educating yourself and taking the stigma out of getting tested. STI testing is free for youth under 18, and you do not need a parent to get tested if you are at least 14 years old. But, we encourage you to take advantage of tools available to help facilitate communication about sex and STIs between teens and parents.

Teen NightTeen Night services include:

  • reproductive health check-ups
  • sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing, treatment, counseling, and referrals
  • human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccinations
  • family planning and contraceptive services
  • pregnancy testing

No appointment is necessary – and you might even get a gift for showing up. See you there!