Research Goals and Strategies: The ID Alliance at Case Western Reserve

After seeing the rate of adolescent STIs escalate, the ID Alliance set out to identify Cleveland neighborhoods that had especially high rates of infection. The team, led by Dr. Robert Salata and Dr. Amanda Healan, collaborated with community leaders and the Cleveland Department of Public Health to create a long-range plan that would:

  • provide after-school educational programming for adolescents focused on STI prevention in the pilot neighborhood of Glenville
  • encourage STD testing, reproductive health checkups, HPV vaccinations, STI counseling, and educational sessions at J. Glen Smith Health Center, near Glenville High School
  • hire and train adolescent peer educators who could inform other teens about safe sex, STIs, HIV, and how to say no or delay sexual activity
  • monitor adolescent use of public health resources

Sexually Transmitted Infections among Cleveland Adolescents

Each year, the local health departments team up to publish the most recent rates of sexually transmitted infections in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County. This information helps programs like ours identify neighborhoods with which to partner and measure the effectiveness of our activities.

The following charts and graphs, pulled from the most recent reports, help paint the picture of adolescent STIs.