Partners Across Campus

The ID Alliance serves as a conduit whereby faculty, staff, and students from different disciplines are able to come together to provide the support and infrastructure required to address the infectious disease needs of the neighborhoods surrounding CWRU. This can only be done with the help of a multitude of groups and individuals from across campus. The following are some of the CWRU groups which have recently partnered with the ID Alliance. These groups are in addition to ID Alliance partners based in the community (link to community partners page).

Urban Health Initiative

The Urban Health Initiative at Case Western Reserve University aims to improve the health of Cleveland area residents by leveraging the institution's research, education and service resources. By increasing attention to the social and environmental factors that affect the ability of residents to lead healthy lives, seek and obtain health care, and manage their illnesses, we believe that our research will focus on issues that can improve health of the area population, and engage more residents in the research process. Also, by understanding the family and neighborhood environments in which patients live, our health professionals will be trained to provide health advice that can be followed in light of resources available. As advocates, our faculty and students also have the opportunity to influence policies that can make our area workplaces, schools and homes safer and healthier. Through establishing more and stronger partnerships among faculty, staff and students across the University; and with area government organizations, health care institutions, and community partners, we seek greater and measureable community benefit.

Schubert Center for Child Studies

The Schubert Center for Child Studies serves as a resource for the ID Alliance for programming involving adolescents and pre-adolescents. The Director of the Schubert Center, Jill Korbin, serves on the ID Alliance Internal Advisory Board.

Social Justice Institute

The Social Justice Institute provides expertise for the ID Alliance as it relates to addressing inequality and creating social change. The Director of the Social Justice Institute, Rhonda Williams, serves on the ID Alliance Internal Advisory Board.

Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods

The Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods helps make the Relationships and Reality series (link to R&R page) possible by facilitating sessions related to healthy eating and identifying community resources.

Masters in Public Health Program

The Masters in Public Health program, directed by Scott Frank, has been instrumental in helping to build the network of stakeholders that comprise the ID Alliance. Public health students have also partnered with the ID Alliance to complete their Capstone research projects.

Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations

The Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations continues to provide professional development opportunities for ID Alliance faculty and staff through the Cuyahoga County Youth Work Institute.