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How do you talk to your teens about sex? Our Peer Educators put together some advice to help parents and guardians get the conversation going. Download the Tip Sheet here, which also contains key facts about sexually transmitted infections.

Additional resources about staying healthy can be found here.

General Resources

Parent Soup

Perhaps the most extensive parenting site on the net. Updated daily, it offers tips, tools, chats, news, message boards, reviews and more on all things parenting.

The Network on Transitions to Adulthood

Founded in 2000, this University of Pennsylvania organization examines the changing nature of early adulthood, and increased difficulty associated with transitioning from adolescence into the early adult years.

Family First

A helpful and practical site loaded with info on marriage, parenting, fatherhood and family life from an organization whose mission is "to strengthen the family by establishing family as a top priority in people's lives and by promoting principles for building marriages and raising children."

Child & Family WebGuide

This is one of the largest clearinghouses of news and research relating to child development, and just about any other issue of concern to parents. Operated by Tufts University, the site has a great selection of articles and links dealing with a variety of teen issues, from bullying and anger management to drug abuse and eating disorders.

Community of Concern

Community of Concern is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1998. Their mission is "to educate parents and build partnerships so that (we) may coordinate our efforts to keep our children alcohol, tobacco and other drug free."

Center for Sports Parenting

A web-based program that provides parents with guidance and answers to questions and issues related to youth and sport. CSP seeks to help all those involved with youth sports deal with the growing pressures associated with kids and competition in our culture.


Gamer Dad

Research is showing that inter-generational video game play builds parent/child relationships. This site follows up that research with online help for dads who want to play video games with their kids. Included are reviews, news and a variety of other resources for gaming dads.

National Center for Fathering

A great site for Dads! Fathers can find practical fathering tips, research on fathering, information on the fathering movement, humor, and an online version of Today's Father magazine.

National Fatherhood Initiative

The mission of the non-profit NFl is "to improve the well-being of children by increasing the number of children growing up with loving, committed and responsible fathers." The organization's site includes advice for Dads, a catalog of fathering resources, tips from other fathers, and a list of links to other related organizations.

Mothers & Daughters

Girl Talk

Girl talk is a website designed to be "a guide for mothers and daughters to prevent underage drinking." The site encourages mothers and daughters to communicate with each other and to discuss the dangers of alcohol.