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Past Events


Peer Educator Summer Program

Congratulations Peer Educators!!!

Some of the finest teens from all over Cleveland were selected to be part of this 12-week health training. They will create campaigns to educate their peers on the sensitive topics of STDs/STIs. Relationships & Reality Series will being on Monday, September 10th. Series 3 will be an in-school program at Glenville High School for 10th grade health classes.

2012 Empowerment Luncheon

Empowerment through Community Service

The ID Alliance would like to send a thank you to the organizations represented at the Community Empowerment Luncheon and a special thank you to the attendees. The event was held on Saturday, May 5, 2012 at the Rennaissance Hotel in downtown Cleveland. The luncheon focused on CWRU's ID Alliance, Golden Ciphers, and Diverse City: Multicultural Marketing & Recruitment, Inc. Students from the Relationships and Reality Series as well as leadership from Glenville High School were in attendance to cap off Series #2 and kick off the Peer Educator program. Approximately 60 attendees in total filled the afternoon with testimonials, words of support, and empowerment on the topics of service and building a community together. This is an annual event, and all organizations are looking forward to next year's luncheon.

Peer Educators @ East End Neighborhood House

Peer EducatorsOn Tuesday, October 16th, our Peer Educators (PEs) put on their first community presentation at the East End Neighborhood House. PEs presented to a group of twenty-five students for a two hour session. The session was planned and co-facilitated by PEs. Students were encouraged to explore their values and beliefs related to sexual health. An open forum was held to discuss STI facts and dispel common myths. PEs wrapped-up the session with two breakout groups, and talked to teens about contraceptives, abstinence, and common issues that teens face. We are very proud of our PEs and can say that the presentation was a great success!

Testimonial: "The presentation, ice breaker, and activity was very informative for our young people because this type of information is not talked about in the school and in most cases in the home. Furthermore, I was really impressed with the confidence and clarity of the peer educators in speaking on such a "touchy" subject . The group, staff and parents enjoyed the group all the way around."
-- Damien Ware, Youth Advocate at East End Neighborhood House