Community Advisors

Community Advisors ensure that community needs and concerns are represented in the work of the ID Alliance. Each of these community workers is committed to improving the health and wellness of the neighborhoods surrounding CWRU. Input from these individuals is invaluable in needs assessments and project design.

  • Justin White
  • Brenda Pryor
  • Tracey Kirksey
  • Kevin Hodges


Internal Advisory Board

All projects and proposals put forth by the ID Alliance are vetted by an Internal Advisory Board. This cross-disciplinary group of CWRU faculty and staff is comprised of infectious diseases specialists, community practitioners, public health experts, and social scientists. The Internal Advisory Board ensures that university and professional linkages are optimally utilized in the work of the ID Alliance. They will also ensure that university and scientific priorities are represented in the projects proposed by the Alliance. These individuals are consulted as the ID Alliance begins new initiatives to ensure project design is appropriate across disciplines, and to share best practices.

ID Alliance Internal Advisory Board Members

Jill E. Korbin, Ph.D.

Director, Schubert Center for Child Studies

Rhonda Y. Williams, Ph.D.

Director, Institute for Social Justice

Alan Levine, Ph.D.

Director, Human Health Alliance

Charles King, MD, MS

Medical Director, Cuyahoga County Board of Health

Professor, Center for Global Health and Diseases