The ID Alliance at CWRU works to link the Division of Infectious Diseases to the greater Cleveland Community. Through grants, we have been able to design and implement programs and research projects which provide a better understanding of infectious disease needs locally.

This site is full of resources, many of which were carefully selected for some of our strongest supporters: community members, CWRU colleagues, parents, and teens. Use the links to the left as you browse around, and feel free to leave us a question or comment. Thanks for visiting!

Robert Salata, MD
   Dr. Robert Salata, MD
   Director, Infectious Diseases (ID) Alliance

About Us

Upon its inception in 2009, the Infectious Diseases (ID) Alliance began to partner with community health leaders and advocates, social scientists, other Alliances, and clinicians (among other stakeholders) from across CWRU and the greater Cleveland region, singling out the following priority areas:

Education – to provide a collaborative and reciprocal learning environment that allows the faculty and staff of CWRU to partner with residents within neighborhoods of need in Cleveland

Research – to foster and sponsor community-based participatory research as it relates to infectious diseases

Service – to connect the resources available at CWRU with needs of the greater Cleveland community to enhance quality of life within it