ACES concentrates on institutionalizing change in the areas of coaching, mentoring, networking, and training and development. All are critical aspects of faculty development.

Retention and Advancement Initiatives | Science & Engineering Education and Development Workshops | Department Information PDFs

Retention and Advancement Initiatives

These initiatives focus on the individual.


Professional coaching of women faculty
Leadership coaching and development for current deans and chairs


Mentoring of women faculty (more information)

Summer Undergraduate Research Program for Minorities

Research conducted by minority students at Case over the summer (more information)

Networking Events

Presentations meant to help the individual in the advancement of knowledge(more information)

Additional Retention and Advancement Initiatives

Professional networking opportunities
2nd year entrance interviews and exit interviews

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Science & Engineering Education and Development Workshops

These initiatives focus on the institution at the department level.
Student Awareness
ADVANCE Opportunity Grant
ADVANCE Distinguished Lectureship
Endowed Professorships
Minority pipeline
Spousal hiring network

ACES provides a variety of educational workshops and faculty development opportunities to entire departments and to women faculty across the 31 NSF-fundable S & E departments.

Workshops For Entire Departments
Generally 1.5 hours

  • Presenting Your Self Effectively
  • Communication Between Men and Women
  • Improving the Chilly Climate for Women Scientists
  • Using Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Development
  • Negotiating
  • Successful Mentoring
  • Communication Skills

Workshops For Women Faculty across Departments
Generally 1-2 hours

  • Supervising your Lab and Graduate Students
  • Time and Project Management
  • Balancing a Research Career and your Personal Life
  • Effective Teaching Strategies
  • Voice Training
  • Transitions through the Academic Career: the Tenure and Promotion Process
  • Success Strategies of Senior S&E Women Faculty
  • Website Development

Departmental Facilitation

ACES provides facilitation support to departments undertaking longer development activities, such as:

  • Facilitation of annual and semi-annual retreats
  • Facilitation of strategic planning initiatives

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These PDF downloads will help summarize how ACES impacts individuals in the departments: