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The $3.5 million, five-year grant period, was implemented in the following ways:

The Pilot Phase (2004)

The Pilot Phase launched the initiatives by providing intensive coaching, mentoring, networking, and training and development sessions for women faculty, department chairs and students in four pilot departments from the four participating schools: Chemistry (Arts & Sciences), Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (Case School of Engineering), Organizational Behavior (Weatherhead School of Mangement), and Physiology & Biophysics (School of Medicine).

In addition, the deans of the four schools received coaching and worked closely with the ACES team to launch the initiatives in their schools. The first of 19 Distinguished Lectureships were awarded to support campus visits by senior women scientists or engineers.

Phase I (2005)

Phase I (2005) introduced the initiatives on a large scale into 10 new departments in the four participating schools.

Also launched during this phase

Annual Provost Leadership Retreat
Student Gender Awareness modules
Networking and Training events

New Search Committee Tools and Workshops were developed by the Faculty Diversity Specialist and are available to the entire university community on the Faculty Diversity website.

Phase II (2006)

Phase II Added eight new departments and is the beginning of the effort to identify the components of the program that will be permanently institutionalized.

New activities included Hotline Coaching services for women faculty throughout the university, grassroots efforts with male faculty for climate change, and a university-wide meeting for women faculty for information dissemination about ACES and its institutionalization.

Phase III (2007)

In Phase III the final nine departments incorporated the feedback report from the NSF site visit and self-study sessions as a means of refining the best practices and focusing future ongoing research study.

Final Phase (2008)

The last phase of the grant was the institutionalization of best practices initiatives.