The ADVANCE Distinguished Lectureships will support campus visits by 10 senior women scientists or engineers a year for a minimum stay of 2 days and 2 full nights and a maximum stay of 2 weeks. Each Lectureship carries a $2,000 honorarium and funds for travel, lodging, meals, and reception expenses. The deadline for proposals is October 15 for spring and May 15 for fall. Exceptions to the deadlines will be made for special cases. Applications should include a current CV, list of proposed lectures, and description of interactions with Case faculty.



Opportunity grants maximize the chance of success for women faculty at Case by providing support of current or proposed projects and activities where funding is difficult to obtain through other sources. $60,000 is available in this fund, and ACES plans to make multiple awards.
The deadline is October 15 for funding for spring and May 15 for fall. Exceptions to the deadlines will be made to take advantage of unusual opportunities.



Departmental Initiative Grants support department-wide activities undertaken by S&E departments to advance ACES mission and goals. Initiatives that improve the department's climate, stimulate greater inclusion of women and minority faculty, promote positive department change, and institutionalize transformation are encouraged. The $5,000- $10,000 award will be spent by the department during the year of the award. The deadlines for submission are October 15 and May 15 annually.
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