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Visitor Information Center

Visitor Information Center (VIC) Parking Procedures

The primary function of the VIC parking lot is to provide convenient, free parking for individuals visiting the University in order to meet with representatives from key university offices located in the Main Quad area. A secondary function is to provide additional general visitor parking for public use.

Offices Designated for VIC Lot Privileges

The following offices are granted use of the VIC lot for their business guests and invitees:

  • Board of Trustees
  • President and Provost
  • Sr. VP Administration
  • VP- Facilities & Planning
  • Sr. VP Finance & CFO
  • Sr. VP for Development
  • VP- University Relations
  • VP- Campus Services
  • Dean -Arts & Sciences
  • VP- University Relations
  • VP- Government Relations
  • Dean -Engineering
  • VP- Human Resources
  • VP- Inclusion, Diversity & Equal Opportunity
  • VP- Information Technology Services
  • Office of General Counsel
  • VP International Affairs
  • VP Investments/ Treasurer
  • VP Student Affairs

Check VIC Lot Availability

Download the Parker App to view lot availability from your phone.
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VIC Operating Procedure - Reserved Spaces

Approved offices will make reservations directly with the VIC officer.The VIC officer will hand out daily dash board passes to people who are on the approved reservation list. The pass must be displayed on the dashboard for free parking to avoid a ticket meter infraction.

Visitor Parking Procedure - General Visitors

Subject to space availability, non-scheduled, general visitors may be allowed to park at the discretion of the VIC officer. These visitors will be expected to pay the meter fees when authorized to park by the officer and/or during off business hours. No dash board pass will be issued to general visitors.

Additional Parking Uses

University marked service vehicles and contractors with permits will be allowed to park in the designated 4 spaces outside the VIC lot. Amasa Chapel clients may park if space is available to inspect the building. Special event use will be reserved through parking services.

VIC Operational Hours

The VIC booth is staffed Monday-Friday 6a-5p. The VIC officer can be reached at 368-2225 during business hours for reservations and special event lot rentals.

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For questions concerning parking, contact Access Services at 216.368.2273 or