Access Services

Permit Information

Parking Permit Information & Regulations

  • ALL vehicles parked on campus (other than meters and designated visitor areas) must display a valid university parking permit.
  • Parking permits are the property of Case Western Reserve University, issued exclusively by Access Services, and can be confiscated for misuse.
  • Parking permits may NOT be resold. Display the permit with the appropriate lot designation side FACING OUT on the rear view mirror while parked on campus.
  • Permit area and number MUST BE clearly visible from the front of the vehicle to be valid.
  • Student permit availability is based on class standing and sold on a first-come first-served basis.
  • A parking permit is not a guarantee of a parking space close to your building. The driver is responsible for finding an authorized parking space.
  • The registered permit holder is responsible for any ticket issued to any vehicle upon which their permit is displayed.

For further information, please contact the Access Services Office at 216.368.2273.

Parking Permit Regulations

Faculty/Staff Permits

Faculty and staff permits may be purchased through payroll deduction, cash, check or Master Card/Visa. Only continuous permits are eligible for payroll deduction.
Billing - In some cases, a department or outside agency may pay for the permit. A December 31 or June 30 expiration date may be selected and the department or agency is charged for the full amount of the permit.
Temporary permits may also be paid through billings.
Departments may not pay for permits issued to those who are paid as employees by the University.
You must return your permit(s) to the Parking Services office to discontinue your payroll deduction for parking.


Commuter Student Permits
Students who commute are assigned to designated commuter spaces in available lots.

Students who live in residence halls or south campus fraternities are assigned to resident spaces. Residence hall permits are sold at the minimum a semester or for the full academic year. Students who live in residence halls during the summer are required to purchase summer permits.

Weekend Guest Permits
Permits are issued to any student residing in campus residence halls and are valid from 4:30 p.m. Friday to 7:30 a.m. Monday of a given weekend. These permits are good in lots 44 and 46. These permits must be purchased at Access Services by a currently active student.

Part-time permits are sold to students who are registered for fewer than 12 hours at the undergraduate level or fewer than 9 hours at the graduate level. Students who are registered for courses numbered 651 or 701 are considered full-time for parking purposes unless written confirmation by an employer verifies that full-time employment off campus limits their time on campus. Part-time students employed by University Circle institutions must purchase full-time permits.

Medical Students (in Rotation)
Third- and fourth-year students doing rotations at University Hospitals may purchase monthly permits. Payment is made with cash or check and no refunds are issued if the permit is canceled.

Executive MBA (EMBA) & Professional Fellows Program (PEP)
Students enrolled in either two programs can obtain a special parking permit that allows them to park in S-54 only on the days their classes are in session.

Night/Weekend Permits
Night/weekend permits are sold to graduate students who only need parking after 4:30 p.m. weekdays or all hours on weekends. These permits may be purchased with December 31, or the academic year.

Motorcycle Permits

Access Services will issue motorcycle parking permits for all faculty, staff and students. Permits must be displayed when parking a motorcycle in designated locations. Motorcycle parking is not permitted in any other locations.
Parking locations will be posted with appropriate signs.

Motorcycles will be operated in a safe manner on campus. They will be restricted to roadways and parking areas only. Operating motorcycles on pedestrian walkways (i.e. the Quad) is prohibited. All motorcycles parked outside designated areas will be subject to ticketing and/or impounding. Motorcyclists driving in unauthorized areas or in an unsafe manner will be subject to disciplinary action.

Summer Permits

Summer permits are sold to faculty, staff or students who have vehicles on campus only during the summer session. They are also sold to students who have purchase fall parking, but have a different need for parking during the summer.
Not all lots are available during the summer and rates are based on the weekly parking rate. Summer permits are considered temporary permits and they may not be canceled for a refund.

Outside Agencies and Organizations

Tenants in University facilities who are employed by non-University organizations may also obtain permits.
Tenants housed in University owned apartments may be assigned parking in lots near the residence if there is space available and there are no faculty, staff or student wait lists for the location.

Contractor Parking
Short Term
Contractors working on Case projects who wish to park in University lots must obtain parking permits for remote lots or special contractor permits for parking adjacent to job sites. Issuance of a special job site contractor permit requires approval from the University project manager overseeing the contract. All University contract specifications require that contractors agree to pay for on-campus parking as a term of the contract.
A job site parking form will be completed by the project manager and forwarded to the Access Services for issuance of a contractor permit.

Long Term Service Contractors
The University engages a number of outside contractors who perform services on an on-going basis. These include service repair personnel, cleaning, food service, etc. Long-term service contractors will be eligible for individual parking permits as approved by the Access Services. Permits will be issued on the same basis as faculty and staff.

Service Vehicle Permits
Certain outside service contractors are required to have vehicle access in all areas of the campus adjacent to buildings. University managers responsible for these services will provide authorization to the Parking Office for the issuance of Service Vehicle Permits which will entitle these contractors to park in the designated Service Vehicle Areas throughout campus. These permits do not authorize parking in fire lanes, etc. All contracts requiring service vehicle access to the campus on an on-going basis will specify the obligation of vendor paying for on-campus parking as a term of the contract.