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This document will inform the Case community of the policies and procedures that guide the day-to-day operation of the University's parking program. Access Services manages the University's parking program and is responsible for implementation of these policies and procedures.

Case is a member of the Central Parking Operation (CPO) which is managed by Standard Parking. We subscribe to the CPO general policies as stated in the Joint Parking Systems Parking Permit brochure. All applicable Standard Parking policies are incorporated into this document, including violations, towing, appeals and visitor parking.

University Parking Philosophy

Case's parking philosophy is to provide parking to Case faculty, staff, and students on a "first-come, first-served" basis. The overall objective is to fulfill the parker's needs in the most equitable and convenient manner within the constraints of available resources.


Parking Space Assignments

Faculty and Staff

Upon employment, faculty and staff are eligible to obtain a parking permit to the parking lot of their choice based on availability. Permit issuance is limited to one per employee. The Case Office of Parking and Transportation is responsible for the issuance of parking permits. All permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

Faculty and staff may choose to pay through either monthly payroll deductions or on an annual cash basis (check, MasterCard or VISA).

Permit Issuance

Full time - All faculty and staff working 21 hours or more per week are issued full-time permits.

Part time - Faculty and staff working 20 hours a week or less are issued part-time permits.

Annual Renewal

Full - or part -time faculty and staff who purchase permits through monthly payroll deductions are issued "Continuous" hangtags, which are self-renewing from year to year. Notices of rate changes and updates on policy procedures are mailed in late May.

Those who purchase an annual cash permit with the June 30 expiration date receive a renewal application in June. New permits are issued upon return of the application and payment.

Renewal notices are not sent to those whose permits expire December 31. Notices are placed in “The Daily.”

Emeritus Faculty

Faculty members granted emeritus status is given the privilege of lifelong free parking. An emeritus permit allows the person to park in a pre-assigned UCI lot. The permit is issued only to the person with emeritus status and is not transferable to spouses or children. It is valid only for the lifetime of the recipient.

Departmental/Courtesy Passes

In some cases, a department may request a pass for an employee who has a parking permit, but whose work-related needs (making frequent deliveries, carrying heavy equipment, and multiple department locations) require short-term or limited parking in areas other than their assigned lot. Requests for multi-access passes are reviewed by the Access Services. A $25.00 fee is incurred for each pass to the requesting department’s account.


All students are eligible for permits upon enrollment. Student permits are issued in a variety of categories as defined in this section.


Students who commute are assigned to are able to purchase permits in various parking lots around campus as space is available.


Students who live in residence halls or south campus fraternities are assigned to resident spaces. Residence hall permits are sold at the minimum a semester or for the full academic year. Students who live in residence halls during the summer are required to purchase summer permits.

Part-time Status

Part-time permits are sold to students who are registered for fewer than 12 hours at the undergraduate level or fewer than 9 hours at the graduate level. Students who are registered for courses numbered 651 or 701 are considered full-time for parking purposes unless written confirmation by an employer verifies that full-time employment off campus limits their time on campus. Part-time students employed by University Circle institutions must purchase full-time permits.

Medical Students (In Rotation)

Third- and fourth-year students doing rotations at University Hospitals may purchase monthly permits. Payment is made with cash or check and no refunds are issued if the permit is canceled.

Executive MBA (EMBA) & Professional Fellows Program (PFP)

Students enrolled in either two programs can obtain a special parking permit that allows them to park in S-54 only on the days their classes are in session. These permits are issued by the Dively Center.

Space Pre-Paid

All students parking is based on a first-come, first-served basis and permits are available during registration for both semesters through walk-in parking registration. Returning students may purchase a space in the spring for the following fall semester. Students must claim pick-up permits by the start of the fall semester or forfeit the space.

Waiting Lists

If the desired parking location is not available, faculty, staff and students may have their name added to one list for the lot of their choice.  When a space becomes available, Access Services Office will contact the individual by electronic mail. The Parking Office will hold the space for five business days. Those who wish to check their wait list status may log into the Access Services or contact the Access Services.

Monthly Permits

Faculty, staff or students who do not usually drive to class sometimes find it necessary to do so for a limited time. In these cases, permits may be sold for one month intervals in a lot that has space available. Monthly permits are paid for by cash, check, or credit card. These permits may not be canceled for a refund and are not transferable.

Night/Weekend Permits

Night/weekend permits are sold to graduate students who only need parking after 4:30 p.m. weekdays or all hours on weekends. These permits may be purchased with December 31, academic year, or June 30 expiration dates. Because demand is lower for evening parking than for daytime parking, there is no need to reserve them in advance.

Summer Permits

Summer permits are sold to faculty, staff or students who have vehicles on campus only during the summer session. They are also sold to students who have purchase fall parking, but have a different need for parking during the summer.

Not all lots are available during the summer and rates are based on the weekly parking rate. Summer permits are considered temporary permits and they may not be canceled for a refund.

Department Assigned Spaces

In some cases, departments will be allowed to purchase permits in CPO lots for special purposes. These requests must be approved by the Access Services Management.

Outside Agencies and Organizations

Tenants in University facilities who are employed by non-University organizations may also obtain permits.

Tenants housed in University owned apartments may be assigned parking in lots near the residence if there is space available and there are no faculty, staff or student wait lists for the location.

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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff permits may be purchased through payroll deduction, cash, check or Discover, Master Card or Visa. Only continuous permits are eligible for payroll deduction.


In some cases, a department or outside agency may pay for the permit. A December 31 or June 30 expiration date may be selected and the department or agency is charged for the full amount of the permit.
Temporary permits may also be paid through billings. Departments may not pay for permits issued to those who are paid as employees by the University. All billing will incur a additional $25.00 processing fee.


Commuter student permits can be purchased through December 31, the academic year or June 30. Resident students purchase permits for the fall semester or the academic year. Payment can be made by cash, check or Discover, MasterCard or Visa.


Permits may be canceled after the first 30 days only. There must be at least 30 days left on a permit to get a refund. Permits are only refunded for the unused portion of the permit.

Parking Lot Access and Related Procedures

Hangtags, Gate Cards, and ID Access

Permit parkers must display their assigned hangtag at all times when parked in University lots. Lots with gate arms require the use of a gate card or University ID card for access. University ID cards are automatically programmed upon permit issuance for access to the assigned lot. Gate cards are also issued at the time of permit issuance. Loss of a hangtag or gate card results in a $25 replacement fee. The fee to replace a continuous hangtag for lots without card access is $50. The fee is waived if the vehicle is reported stolen and supported by an official police report.
Tampering with a hangtag may result in towing, a fine of $100 and the potential loss of parking privileges.

After-hours Parking Privileges

The following lots are accessible to all permit holders after normal business hours (4:30 p.m.-7:30 a.m.) and on weekends:

  • Surface Lot - 1A, 44 & 47
  • Garage Structure # - 53 & -55 (lower level only)

These structures request requested access. Garages 55 and 46 require a valid Case ID card. S-53 requires a separate access card. There is a $10 deposit for the card. The last time you can enter lot 29 and 53 is 3:00a.m.on weekdays.

After hours parking is not guaranteed in any of the lots or structures if spaces is used by assigned permit holders or if parking arrangements have been made for special events.

Spill-over Parking in the Event a Lot is Full

In the event that an assigned parking lot is full, permit holders can park in predetermined spill-over lots. Access Services maintains a current list of spill-over parking lot locations as they change throughout the year. Permit holders should check with Access Services on the assigned spill-over location for their lot.


Carpooling is encouraged. A carpool hangtag will be issued if the assigned lot has card access. All carpooling vehicles must be registered with a permit.
Permits are transferable only to other vehicles owned by the permit holder or to rental cars, etc. when owner's vehicle is out of service.

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Contractor Parking


Contractors working on Case projects who wish to park in University lots must obtain parking permits for remote lots or special contractor permits for parking adjacent to job sites. Issuance of a special job site contractor permit requires approval from the University project manager overseeing the contract. All University contract specifications require that contractors agree to pay for on-campus parking as a term of the contract.

A job site parking form will be completed by the project manager and forwarded to the Access Services for issuance of a contractor permit.

Long-Term Service Contractors

The University engages a number of outside contractors who perform services on an on-going basis. These include service repair personnel, cleaning, food service, etc. Long-term service contractors will be eligible for individual parking permits as approved by the Access Services. Permits will be issued on the same basis as faculty and staff.

Service Vehicle Permits

Certain outside service contractors are required to have vehicle access in all areas of the campus adjacent to buildings. University managers responsible for these services will provide authorization to the Parking Office for the issuance of Service Vehicle Permits which will entitle these contractors to park in the designated Service Vehicle Areas (See App. I) throughout campus. These permits do not authorize parking in fire lanes, etc. All contracts requiring service vehicle access to the campus on an on-going basis will specify the obligation of vendor paying for on-campus parking as a term of the contract.

Visitor Parking

The University provides visitor parking through visitor lots managed by Standard Parking as part of the CPO. The primary University visitor lots are lot 29 Campus Center Garage (under Severance Hall), lot 53 Veale Garage located on Adelbert Rd next to Veale Gym, and lot 55, located the lower level  Health Science Complex (HSC) garage. There are also a small number of metered spaces around campus. UH visitor lots are also available to University visitors. Use of visitor spaces by permit holders is prohibited.

Visitor Courtesy Parking

Departments with frequent visitors to the University may request that a stamp be issued which allows the department to pay for the guest's parking in visitor (non-meter) lots through an internal charge system.

Visitor Information Center (VIC)

The Visitor Information Center lot, outside Crawford Hall, was established to provide convenient, free parking for guests of the University. Parking for guest must be pre-arranged by those authorized to schedule visitors into the lot.

Designated Parking Areas

Several areas of campus have been designated solely for the purpose of accommodating parking for a specific facility or department. These areas are not part of the CPO and parking privileges are granted through the department and enforced by Case Security. Arrangements for parking in these areas are reviewed on an on-going basis. Following is a list of current special areas:

  • Weatherhead Visitor Spaces
  • Dively Center Visitor Spaces
  • BioEnterprise Visitor Lot

Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycle Permits (Stickers)

Access Services will issue motorcycle parking permits for all faculty, staff and students. Permits must be displayed when parking a motorcycle in designated locations. Motorcycle parking is not permitted in any other locations.

All areas will be posted with appropriate signs.


Motorcycles will be operated in a safe manner on campus. They will be restricted to roadways and parking areas only. Operating motorcycles on pedestrian walkways (i.e. the Quad) is prohibited. All motorcycles parked outside designated areas will be subject to ticketing and/or impounding. Motorcyclists driving in unauthorized areas or in an unsafe manner will be subject to disciplinary action.

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Parking Accommodations for Disabled Persons


Adequate handicapped parking spaces are designated in all visitor lots in accordance with law. These spaces serve visitors with disabilities as well as employees and students with disabilities who use their vehicles to move about campus.
All employees and students with disabilities who wish to park in University permit lots are provided a parking space in a lot of their choice to reasonably accommodate the disability. Other reasonable accommodations may also be made upon request.
Faculty and staff must provide certification of disability obtained from the University's Office of Inclusion, Diversity & Equal Opportunity. Students must provide certification from the Office of Educational Support Services (ESS).


A permit holder who finds it necessary to park in an area other than his or her assigned area may request a courtesy pass for closer parking.
A non-permit holder may purchase a temporary permit in the lot that will best serve his or her needs for the duration of the disability.
Requests for temporary accommodation by students will be certified by ESS. Faculty and staff will be certified by University Health Services. Anyone moving to another lot will be required will be require to pay that current lot amount for the duration of their permit in that lot.


Standard Parking has primary responsibility for parking enforcement in all CPO parking lots. Case enforces campus parking violations on the grounds of the campus outside the immediate parking lots. All violations written by both agencies are subject to the procedures for Standard Parking violations. Following is a summary of enforcement procedures.

Ticketable Violations

Standard Parking Lots
  • No permit
  • Expired meter
  • Blocking traffic
  • No parking area
  • Permit tampered
  • Non-disabled in a disabled zone
  • Parking in area not designated as a space
  • Taking up 2 spaces.
Campus Grounds
  • Blocking entrance
  • On sidewalk
  • Blocking traffic
  • On grass
  • Service vehicle area
  • Fire lane
  • Loading dock.


Fines related to violations are payable to Standard Parking. The amount of fines is set by Standard Parking and stated on the individual tickets.


All fines must be paid within 10 days or are subject to late fees. Fines can be paid by cash or check. Faculty and staff who are registered permit holders are subject to payroll deduction for all fines.

Appeals Process

All violations can be appealed to Standard Parking. An appeal must be submitted in writing within 10 days of receipt of the violation. Non-permit holders must include the amount of the penalty with the appeal as a bond. Permit holders are not required to post this bond. The Standard Parking administration reviews the appeal and rules on it. If an appeal is denied the parker has the right to request a hearing by the Parking Appeals Committee.

Towing/Wheel Locking

Any vehicle parked on campus, either in a CPO lot or on campus grounds, which has accumulated a minimum of two tickets unpaid for over 10 days, is subject to towing or wheel locking by Standard Parking. Any vehicle parked in a fashion which impedes traffic or creates a safety hazard is subject to immediate towing.

Vehicle Release

Towed vehicles are kept at the Standard Parking vehicle impound lot at 12100 Euclid Ave. Vehicles are released to only registered owners or an immediate relative. Owners must have positive ID. Payment is limited to cash or VISA or MasterCard. Daily storage fees are added to the original towing charge. Wheel-locked vehicles require the same procedure as above before wheel lock is removed. A $100 fee is charged for wheel locking.

Parking Advisory Committee (PAC)

The PAC was formed to review parking policies and procedures and make appropriate recommendations to the University administration. If a parking policy is affected, the PAC also considers requests from parkers for special parking accommodations resulting from special job requirements or other circumstances. The PAC is composed of two faculty members, two staff members, two graduate students, two undergraduate students and a representative of the Access Services. Committee members serve for two years. The chairperson of the committee is appointed by the Vice President of Finance.

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Special Event Parking

Standard Parking provides special event parking for departments or outside organizations in the CPO lots. Campus Services serves as the special event parking liaison between departments and/or individuals wishing to park in Case controlled lots and Standard Parking. Special event parking is usually restricted to after normal business hours.

Requestion Special Event Parking

All requests to arrange special event parking must be requested using the online request form and should be received at least 30 days prior to the event. Arrangements for all lots, including the Visitor Information Center (VIC), will be coordinated through Campus Services. (See below for information regarding VIC.)

Space Availability and Rates

Depending on the time, date and location of the event the availability of spaces will vary. Standard Parking provides spaces in available CPO lots at a fixed fee basis.

Major University Events

Campus Services will coordinate parking arrangements with the Office of Conferences and Special Events for all major University events such as commencement, convocations and VIP visits.

Visitor Information Center (VIC)

The VIC is available for after-hours special event parking for up to 30 people. Use of the VIC requires pre-approval by Campus Services and the hiring of an attendant. Utilization of the VIC is always available for functions in Amasa Stone Chapel.

Busing and Transportation

Standard Parking Bus Service

Standard Parking operates a fleet of buses to provide free transportation service for employees, students and visitors in the University Circle area. Bus routes are established to transport parking permit holders from designated parking areas to central drop-off points. Visitors may use Standard Parking 's public routes to reach various University Circle institutions. Service is provided approximately 18 hours per day Monday through Friday, with reduced service on weekends and holidays. Bus route schedules and maps are available at various locations.

Temporary Routes

Special temporary routes may be created to accommodate parking in remote locations as needed.

Special Events

Buses may be rented by institutions within University Circle to provide transportation for special events. Standard Parking buses cannot be contracted for private use. Buses are not permitted to leave the University Circle area. Rates are based on the size of the vehicle requested and length of service (three-hour minimum). Three main types of vehicles are available; 12 passenger van, 12-17 passenger bus, and 21-24 passenger bus. Vehicles equipped for the disabled are available.

Case Disable Bus Service

The Case Security Department provides bus service for the University's faculty, staff and students, whether they are permanently or temporarily disabled. There is no charge for the service and it is available 365 days a year.
Individuals make specific arrangements with security for the bus service after being certified by the following offices.
Students (Permanently or temporarily disabled) - Office of Educational Support Services
Faculty/Staff (Permanently disabled) - Department of Office of Inclusion, Diversity & Equal Opportunity
Faculty/Staff (Temporarily disabled) - University Health Services

Motorist Assistance

University Lots

Standard Parking offers all valid permit holders, parked in permit lots, the following assistance:

  • battery starts
  • flat tire inflation
  • keys locked in vehicle
  • emergency gasoline (at cost)

Case (through the Department of Security) also offers assistance to those parked on campus, but not in a parking lot.

Parking Lot Security

Campus Security

Case Security provides 24 hour security coverage to the campus

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